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Welcome to Tbilisi Belt and Road Forum. This biennial Event, part of topical Forum series, carries forward a tradition of Tbilisi Silk Road Forum held in 2015 to provide a platform for discussions of various important issues related to trade facilitation in the region and beyond. The traditional format of the Forum has been preserved. Day 1 provides opportunities to discuss a full spectrum of issues related to trade in five panel discussions, while Day 2 focuses on private sector dialogue and investment opportunities of Georgia. 

International trade is at the center of global economy and a major driver for economic growth. Ancient trade routes, replaced by new transportation and communication systems are the modern highways for the exchange of goods, culture, technology and knowledge. Transport corridors continue to transform to accommodate the increasing speed at which international trade is conducted today and its growing scale. Countries and businesses focus on emerging possibilities, while international and regional dialogues remain centered around improvement of connectivity and economic openness. Production networks, multinational corporations and their value chains have been expanding their presence across countries and regions and governments invest their efforts in enhancing trade through lower trade barriers and free trade agreements. Still, the achievement of sustainable growth through technology, industrial and infrastructural upgrading remain critical for facilitating inclusive growth in the region.
Tbilisi Belt and Road Forum of 2017 aims to serve as a biennial platform for high-level government and private sector dialogues.  In this respect, establishing a platform for comprehensive dialogue is vitally important. This year, the Forum expects to host over 1000 political leaders, diplomats, experts, representatives of international organizations and businesses to discuss factors which define the regional and global trade, including trade facilitation, opportunities of e-commerce and digital connectivity, transport infrastructure and energy sector. In addition to discussions on wide array of issues during November 28-29, the Forum also offers companies opportunities to participate in business-to-business meetings on 29th of November to network, share experiences and knowledge. 

Tbilisi Belt and Road Forum extends on the mission of “Tbilisi Silk Road Forum” of 2015, the first inaugural Event of this kind held in Georgia. Over 800 institutional and non-institutional investors from over 50 countries and official government delegations from 34 countries participated in “Tbilisi Silk Road Forum”. Specialized side events and meetings have been organized for strengthening cooperation among the regional businesses. Outcomes of these discussions have enabled deeper examination of regional cooperation advantages, more efficient focus on reforms and exploration of new investment opportunities. 

Going forward, the regional potential will remain focused on issues relating to: (a) regional opportunities and harmonization challenges; (b) efficiency and costs for customs administration and other trade facilitation measures; (c) improved transport connectivity and quality of transport infrastructure; (d) availability and quality of information and communication technologies; (e) opportunities for investment and public-private partnerships. Defining existing obstacles to co-operation in these areas and ways of overcoming these obstacles through dialogue, research, initiatives and mutual projects would be the essential outcome of the Forum and the next step in shaping the long-term success of this biennial dialogue. 

It is with great anticipation that we look forward to our dynamic discussions and rich dialogues. We hope that you share our vision for this Event and we are looking forward to hosting you in Georgia.


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