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Georgian Co-Investment Fund

Georgian Co-Investment Fund

The fund was established following significant interest expressed by the international investors in the creation of an investment mechanism to access opportunities in the region. 

Equity and hybrid financial instruments (i.e. convertible debt, etc.)

Assets under management:
US$2.4 billion



Target Sectors

  1. Energy & Infrastructure. Portfolio includes medium and large hydro power plants in various stages of development;
  2. Hospitality & Real Estate. Portfolio includes hotels around Georgia, a shopping mall, and a mixed-use development; 
  3. Agriculture & Logistics. Portfolio includes a vegetable greenhouse and a hazelnut plantation;
  4. Manufacturing. Portfolio includes a construction materials company in the pipeline

Description of financial services
Private equity investment in startup and seasoned companies in the country of Georgia

Selection criteria and technical assistance available

Geography  Georgia (at least, 80% of allocated capital), remaining 20% may be invested outside of Georgia in projects having a nexus to Georgia
Maximum exit horizon Seven-nine years from fund closing 
Eligible project types Standalone projects, seasoned companies, corporate buyouts, divestitures, startups
Investment instruments Equity and hybrid financial instruments (i.e. convertible debt, etc.)
Minimum project size USD 5 million
Fund’s equity participation 25% - 100%
Financial Criteria Minimum equity IRR to the fund:  17%
Investment Restrictions Trading, retail, standalone residential real estate, gambling, speculative, transit

IPO, trade sale, put to equity partner, desired IRR achieved through operations or unit sales
Must possess necessary industry expertise or have clear plans for involvement of experienced operator

Project Sponsors Projects can be sponsored by actual investors or their authorized representatives