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Anaklia Development Consortium

Anaklia Development Consortium

The Anaklia Development Consortium (ADC) is developing the Anaklia Deep Sea Port (i) and the Anaklia City/Special Economic Zone(ii) in the Black Sea Region to breathe new life into the ancient Asia-Europe trade route.

Both developments are granted through an investment agreement provided by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia for the rights to develop, finance, design, construct, operate, market, manage, and grow the Anaklia region.

Business Experience with foreign companies
Both shareholder companies (TBC Holding and Conti International) have extensive relations with international companies. TBC Holding has been developing projects in Georgia since 1992, partnering with various international financial institutions. Conti International is US-based construction and development company that has been in business since 1906 and has a presence internationally.

Anaklia Deep Sea Port (i)

Anaklia Deep Sea Port is a greenfield PPP project between Anaklia Development Consortium LLC (ADC) and Government of Georgia to develop, construct, operate and transfer a deep-sea port on the east coast of Black Sea. In February 2016 ADC was named as a winner of tender for the project. 

  • Port will have 16m depth container, dry bulk, break bulk and liquid bulk terminals
  • Port will be developed on 340 ha of land
  • Development of the port will take place in 9 phases. 
  • Phase 1 construction will be completed in 2021, the cost of development and construction will be USD 540
  • Overall budget of the project is USD 2.5 billion 
  • The port will receive 10, 000 TEU Panamax and Post Panamax type vessels
  • Phase 1 capacity will be up to 900,000 TEUs and 1.5m dry bulk terminal 
  • Concession period for the port development is 52 years.
  • After development of all 9 phases port will have capacity to serve 100 million tons of cargo
  • Target Structure - 35% Equity; 65% Debt
  • Container Terminal Operator of the port will be Seattle based US company – SSA Marine
  • ADC was founded by Georgian TBC Holding & U.S. Conti International LLC
  • TBC Holding is a leading investment group in Georgia with assets across different sectors: banking, real estate, beverages, tourism etc. 
  • Conti International is a 110-year-old company who has conducted major large infrastructural project in U.S.

ADC is open for communication with companies interested in freight forwarding and transshipment services as well as companies specialized in port services other than terminal operations.

Anaklia City/Special Economic Zone (ii)

JSC Anaklia City idents to develop the city scale SEZ (Special Economic Zone) adjacent to Anaklia Deep Sea Port with the following features:

  • About 2,000 hectares of development territory
  • State of the art infrastructure integrated with Anaklia port and national networks 
  • Based on the concepts of Green and Smart cities
  • Light industry cluster- will be built upon the advantages of Georgia’s trade regimes, competitive production costs and attractive business environment
  • Logistics cluster – will help to strengthen the role of Anaklia’s port as transshipment hub for the region and trade flows between Europe and Asia. Infrastructure of the SEZ will be integrated with the port, highways, railway and in close proximity to the Kutaisis International Airport 
  • Training and Development cluster – to strengthen the competitiveness of Anaklia as production and business destination for regional players and multinationals
  • Financial Center – JSC Anaklia City plans to transform the Anaklia into commercial and financial center for the Caucasus and wider region
  • Tourism, Entertainment and Real Estate – to complement the development of other business clusters and create the most attractive place to live in the region

JSC Anaklia City is open for communication with international companies seeking to establish presence in Georgia and benefit from opportunities offered by the Anaklia Special Economic Zone. 

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