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Georgian Global Utilities (GGU)

Georgian Global Utilities (GGU)

GGU is a holding company with two major business lines in energy and utility sectors:

Georgian Water and Power - Utility - largest privately owned utility company in Georgia with network for water supply and sanitation services. The company is a supplier of more than 1/3 of the population of Georgia with WSS services, operating c. 2,700km of water supply and c 1,700km of wastewater pipeline network

Become Georgia - Energy - GGU has 3 HPPs under ownership with installed capacity of 149.3MW. Generated power is primarily used by GGU’s water business. The excess amount of generated power is sold to the third party clients both locally and internationally. The company has an extensive pipeline of new projects in hydro and other renewables, with 50MW HPP already under construction.

We are working in a capital intensive business with the large pipiline of infrastructural projects, therefore long-term funding opportunities would be of an interest to us, as well as meeting international companies working in the sectors of utility and energy for sharing the experience and best practices in the field.

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