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Abid Sharifov

Abid Sharifov

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Mr. Abid Sharifov was appointed as a Chief of the “Azer Transport road construction” Unity from 1988 to 1990. From 1991-1992 he served as Deputy Chief of Construction Permissions Search for electrification of railway station en route to Cherkeskoy-Kapikule, Turkey. 

In 1993-1995s he was appointed and served as the President of state-owned “Azertransdostroy” in. In 1992-1995 has become the Chief of “Azer Transport road construction”.

Starting from 1995 to present Mr.Abid Sharifov holds the position of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Mr. Abid Sharifov is the recipient of national awards as titled “Honored builder of the Republic of Azerbaijan” as well as State orders such as, “Honorable Order”, “Order of Red Labor”.