Ajara Textile

Ajara Textile

Ajara Textile Ltd. is a sewing enterprise, operating in Georgia since 2008. 

In December 2008 company opened its first sewing factory in Kobuleti municipality, (village Bobokvati), manufacturing such brands as: Puma, Adidas, Erima, New Balance” etc. The company employed about 1200 Georgian citizens and invested 8,000,000 USD. 

In 2010 Ajara Textile Ltd. constructed the second sewing factory in Batumi at N3 Tbeti street, where are being manufactured all above-mentioned brands as well Nike products.  Here are employed about 1000 Georgian citizens and additionally 10,000,000 USD was invested. 

Ajara Textile Ltd. is also constructing the third factory in Poti, at N31 Motserelia str, which is now in completion phase, where according to imposed obligation, the textile enterprise will be placed. It is planned to employ 3000 Georgian citizens and the sum of investment will be 15,000,000 USD. 

Nowadays about 2500 Georgian citizens are employed in the company. The amount of investment carried out by the company amounts 25 000 000 USD, and the quantity of the annual production amounts 10 000 000 units, also it carries out 100 000 00 USD as an export. Ajara Textile Ltd. represents growing company, which annually increases the quantity of the production. Which is linked to the increased employment rate and increased salary, as well carrying out of additional investment.